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Basic Tactics
Below are the GOLDEN RULES from the Humber Junior Academy:
  • Move to the T after each shot whenever possible - Being in charge of the T gives you the opportunity to dominate rallies and gives you the opportunity to be only a stride away from your opponents next shot. Ensure however that you are balanced with good racket preparation so that you are able to move quickly in any direction.
  • Hit the ball deep and wide to the back of the court - The player who is able to hit a good length will either win the rally outright or be able to play an attacking shot if your opponent plays a loose shot.
  • Hit the ball away from your opponent – try to make your opponent run as much as possible by moving the ball around the court and ideally as far away from your opponent. Be very careful when playing shots such as boasts and drops if you opponent is in front of you as this will present an opportunity to your opponent and you may find you lose the rally because of your poor shot choice.
  • Service Returns – look to attack the serve whenever possible with a safe volley return. Don’t stand too deep when approaching the return as you may not be able to swing the racket due to being too close to the back wall. Push up the court (just behind the service box) which enables you to take a step in all directions depending on where you opponents serve is hit.
  • Serves – This is an opportunity for you to take a breath and clear your mind. Vary the speed, height and direction of your serve according to your opponent’s weaknesses and in order to keep your opponent guessing. A good serve automatically puts your opponent under pressure and may present you with an easy chance to finish the rally.
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